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Imagine an Internet free of sexual predators where your children can explore, learn and communicate online without the fear of being attacked.

At Predator Free, we are working toward this goal by making it difficult for predators to freely roam the Internet.

We provide a registry of violent and sexual offender Internet addresses, so your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can warn you of potentially dangerous situations.

What is an Internet address?

Every time you connect to the Internet, whether you are checking your email or opening a web site, your computer sends your Internet address to a server asking for information.  You can tell a lot about a person from their Internet address like where they are from, who provides their Internet connection and now, thanks to the Predator Free rating system, whether they have committed a violent or sexual crime.

How does the rating system work?

Just like a traffic light, there are three colors:

Green means caution.  The Internet address is not in the violent and sexual offender registry.  A person with a green rating could still be a predator, but it is less likely.  Yellow means warning.  It is uncertain whether the Internet address is in the registry or not.  This could be a public Internet address like a Wi-Fi connection at a coffee shop, library or hotel; or an address that has not been specified to Predator Free by the ISP as either being in the registry or not.  Red means danger.  The Internet address has been reported to Predator Free as belonging to someone that has been convicted of a violent or sexual crime.  A person with a red rating might not be a predator, but it is more likely.

What about my Internet Address?

Your rating is

To get your rating changed, contact your ISP, and ask them to register or update your record with Predator Free.

How can I help?

1- Contact your local attorney general.  Ask them to work with your ISP by encouraging them match up their clients with the local sexual and violent offender registry and provide the Internet addresses to Predator Free.

2- Become aware of the dangers of the Internet.  Read Online Teen Dangers and similar Internet safety books.  No software or organization, even Predator Free, can protect your children without your help.

3- Install parental control software like Computer Parenting on your home computers, to help you be aware of your children's online activities.

4- Make a donation to Predator Free.  We currently do not sell any of our services, so we depend entirely on donations for our operation.  Any contribution will be appreciated.